Iman Akbari

Iman Akbari

CTO & Co-founder at ezSec

Ontario, CA
English, French, Persian




I started coding when I was 13 and never stopped. +8 years of experience in Software Development and related roles. Received my Master's from University of Waterloo in CS, been working at Google since late 2021.



  • Big Data - AI/ML Technical Solutions Engineer (L4)Google Cloud

    Dec, 2021 - Present

    • Diagnosing critical and complex issues in data analytics stacks of GCP’s top 100 customers

    • Contributed to the tuning and productization of Time-series Forecasting models in Vertex AI

    • Leveraging data to extract actionable insights towards contact rate reduction, enhancing product supportability, increasing customer satisfaction, and faster case resolution

    • Working with multiple GCP product teams to identify, prioritize and investigate issues & bugs

  • CTO & Co-founderezSec (Cypienta)

    May, 2020 - Dec, 20211 year 7 months

    Designing tomorrow's cyber-security solutions by automating security monitoring and response. Contributed to Patent-Pending technology development. Supervised R&D projects. Demonstrated good leadership, presentation, and connectivity.

    • Automating cybersecurity services with a focus on AI automation & scalability

    • Contributed to patent-pending technology development, supervised R&D projects, demonstrated good leadership, presentation, team-building, and connectivity.

    • Techstars Industries of Future class of 2022, paid demo deals for Rogers 5G MEC, finalist in US DoD challenge AI ATAC 2, UWaterloo Velocity, NextAI, and Communitech alumni

    • Designing system architecutre, pipelines and data analysis methods using the Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Spark, Flink, Airflow, etc), Kafka, Neo4j, CuML, Tensorflow, GCP, Docker, MERN, ...)

  • AI ResearcherCollaboration w\ Orange™ (France)

    Apr, 2019 - Dec, 20201 year 8 months

    I took initiative in a collaboration with Orange Labs (Lannion, France) in a R&D project for employing Machine Learning for traffic classification, network security and telemetry.

    • Leading a team of +5 in R&D efforts

    • Encrypted traffic classification, with a higher focus on new web protocols HTTP/2 and QUIC

    • Enhancing the state-of-the-art by 50% fewer false predictions using a novel feature engineering approach and neural network arch

    • Published in top tier venues, won the Best Student Paper award in ACM SIGMETRICS 2021

    • Developing an industrial POC for large-scale PCAP datasets using Apache Spark

    • Using Keras and Tensorflow for building packet-level and flow-level classifiers

  • Technical Project LeadCanarie

    Oct, 2019 - Oct, 20201 year

    As a part of Canarie IDS project (formerly known as the Joint Security Project, or JSP, I led a small team in collecting, storing, organizing and analyzing massive volumes of network logs from campuses all across Canada.

    • Led the development of a massive data analytics pipeline

    • Big Data management using Apache Hadoop and ELK

    • High performance stream processing using Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Apache NiFi

    • Docker and Kubernetes for multi-tenant data access

    • Data science using Kibana and Apache Zeppelin

    • Training robust Machine Learning models for anomaly detection and assisting security analysts

  • AI ResearcherCollaboration w\ Royal Bank of Canada

    Jan, 2019 - Sep, 20198 months

    In a research initiative funded by RBC, we aimed to find new and innovative ways for employing Machine Learning for network security management, intrusion detection and threat mitigation. Our R&D efforts were focused on detecting lateral movement, and mitigating network attacks using ML.

    • Reinforcement Learning for security management in SDN

    • OpenDaylight, OVS, Mininet used for building testbed

    • Using Docker for host behavior simulation

    • Tensorflow and Keras for building NFQ RL agent

    • Snort incorporated as traditional IDS providing raw insights

  • Technical LeadParsatech

    Jul, 2018 - Dec, 20185 months

    Parsatech is an ICT company working in multi-media network systems an IoT services. My job in Parsatech mostly revolved around the design of a multi-media platform for a new emerging ISP aimed at children and adolescents, providing services such as VOD/AOD/Live TV.

    • Leading the ICT mobile app development project

    • Designing the Android app and APIs according to the state-of-the-art technologies and patterns

    • Assisting in requirement collection, design, implementation, deployment and testing of the consumer Android application

  • Senior Software DeveloperTAPSI (fka Tap30 Co.)

    Jun, 2016 - Jul, 20182 years 1 month

    TAPSI (pronounced tap-see) is an online ride-hailing application with over 3 million active users. Founded in 2016, it is one of the fastest-growing tech start-up companies in Iran. I started working at Tap30 as an Android Developer and later expanded my responsibilites to Agile Coach and Team Lead in a group of 5 developers. In 2018, I moved to the Data Infrastructure team to take a key role in a new initiative for migrating the traditional data analysis stack to Hadoop and developing a distributed data analysis stack.

    • Online ride-hailing application with over 3 million active users

    • Increased the successful driver ride acceptance rate by 15% by fixing request delivery issues

    • Set-up and maintained a Hadoop cluster from scratch, migrated and automated traditional

    • SQL queries for financial/operational data analysis to Apache Spark environment

  • Full-stack DeveloperRahafilm

    Sep, 2015 - Sep, 20161 year 1 month

    Rahafilm was originally founded as a production company on music, cinema, photography, which later became more active in production sound mixing and dubbing movies and animations. In 2008, the company started working on sofware projects. During my time in Rahafilm, I worked on multiple projects including Gardeshnama, a social-network for tourism with a large dataset of local tourist attractions throughout Iran. My job was the design and implementation of Android applications and REST-ful server APIs.

    • Android application design, implementation, and test using the SDK

    • Implementing REST-ful APIs using Django

    • Live notification stream using CouchDB and WebSockets

    • Assisting in requirement collection and project planning

  • Software Development InternTolue Aryan Hooshmand

    Nov, 2014 - Apr, 20156 months

    • Writing a Java TCP server for small single-purpose location report devices

    • Storing location data in a Microsoft SQL server and integrating with legacy web panel

    • Imitating the tracking device behavior and protocol using Android GPS APIs

    • Working with Android bluetooth APIs for communication



  • Data Engineering
    SparkHadoopHDFSYARNSparkSQLAirflowThriftHiveElasticSearchKibanaSplunkSpark StreamingGraphXNeo4jKafkaApache MetronAmbariStorm
  • Machine Learning & Data Science
    TensorflowKerasJupyterSciPyOctavePandasVertex AI
  • DevOps
    DockerKubernetesLinux System AdministrationJenkinsAnsibleGoogle Cloud PlatformKerberos
  • Android Development
    SDKSupport LibrariesJetpackKotlinFirebaseMVPMVVMRIBReactiveXEspressoDaggerKoinConductor
  • Software Defined Networking
    OpenFlowOpenDaylightVirtual Tenant NetworksRyuONOSMininet
  • Back-end Development
    DjangoHaystackDjango RESTCelerayNodeJSPostgreSQLSolrNGINX
  • Front-end Development
  • Programming Languages


  • Computer Science, Master, University of Waterloo

    Jan, 2019 - May, 2021

    CS 886 - Fairness, Auditability and Transparency in Machine LearningCS 858 - Advanced Topics in Security and Privacy for AI and Machine LearningFR192B - French Language 1: Module 2CS768-2 - Network Softwarization: Technologies & EnablersCS768-1 - Network Softwarization: Principles & Foundations
  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor, Sharif University of Technology

    Sep, 2013 - Jun, 2018

    17.68 / 20.00
    Data Structures & AlgorithmsLinear AlgebraTheory of AutomataDatabase DesignSystem Analysis & DesignData & Network SecurityAdvanced Information RetrievalObject Oriented Systems DesignComputer SimulationSignals & SystemsArtificial IntelligenceComputer NetworksOperating SystemsCompiler DesignComputer ArchitectureAssembly LanguageAdvanced ProgrammingDiscrete StructuresSoftware Engineering
  • High School Education, , Allameh Helli High School

    Sep, 2009 - Jun, 2013

    19.66 / 20.00
  • Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Certification, , Google Cloud

    Apr, 2020 - Apr, 2020

External Reviewer

External Reviewer

  • IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

  • IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)

  • IEEE/IIAI International Conference on Applied Computer and CommunicationTechnology (COMCOM)





  • Kenneth C. Sevcik Outstanding Student Paper Award in the ACM SIGMETRICS 2021

    Awarded on: Aug 01, 2013

    Best student paper award in SIGMETRICS 2021, the flagship ACM special interest group for CS performance evaluation community

  • Cracked the top 0.1% of the students in the Iranian University Entrance Exam

    Awarded on: Aug 01, 2013

    Ranked 78th nation-wide in ~150,000 contenstants

  • Awarded Membership to National Elites Foundation

    Awarded on: Aug 01, 2013

  • Ranked in the top 0.2% of students in the nation-wide Master's University Entrance Exam for Software Enginnering

    Awarded on: Apr 01, 2018

    Ranked 46th in ~30,000 contestants

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Executive Manager, Sharif Green Society

    Sep, 2013 - Sep, 2014

    Sharif Green Society is aimed at raising awareness about environmental hazards such as plastic polution and water waste, and promote sustainable development and personal responsibility.

    • Volunteer work inside university


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